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We Delivery with
a minimum order of $10.

$2.00 Delivery Charge
AMEX, VISA, MasterCard
or Cash Only.

No Personal Checks Accepted.


Served with ONE side of :
Fries, Rice, Vegi, Coleslaw, Porato Salad, Cole Slaw,
Fried Okra or an egg roll and a canned drink
or bottled water.
until 5PM
Combo #1 Original Wings
7 original wings or boneless wings with one flavor and a blue or ranch.
Add addtional wings (60 cents each
Combo #2 Love Me Tenders
4 pieces of homemade chicken tenders with honey mustard sauce
Shaken in your favorite sauce (50 cents)

Combo #3 The Classic Burger
A thick burger served with lettucem tomato, onion, relish, pickles, mayo and mustard on a grilled bun.

Combo #4 Turkey Burger
A third pound of seasoned turkey breast with lettuce, tomato
onion, pickele and mayo on a grilled bun.
Combo #5 Garden Burger

A delicious vegetarian boca burger third pound of seasoned turkey


Combo #6 Chicken Finger Sandwich
served with fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo on a grilled bun.


Combo #7 Grilled Turkey and Cheese

 served with fresh sliced turkey, cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomato
 on your choice of bread.

Combo #8 Catfish or Tilapia Sandwich
Served with fresh  lettuce, tomato and  tartar sauce.


Combo #9 Tuna Fish Sandwich
 served with lettuce, tomato, omoons, cilantro on your choice of bread. marinara.


Combo #10 Basil Chicken Wrap
 served with grilled chicken, sauteed onions, bell pepper
basil leaf, house sauce on pita bread.

Combo #11 Fish Wrap (Catfish or Tilapia)
Served with tartar sauce, lettuce tomato on pita bread.
Combo #12 Veggie Hoagie
Vegetables frelled on flat top, served with our house secreat seasoning salt
Combo #13 Philly Cheese
served with grilled onions bell peppers,  mushrooms, mayo and swiss cheese on a hoagie roll
Combo #14 Chicken Philly
served with grilled onions bell peppers, mushrooms, mayo and swiss cheese on a hoagie roll.

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